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Over the years, our resource of components has had a major impact in rod building. From the first ceramic guide, introduced by fuji over 40 years ago, they have stressed quality in design and manufacturing. Throughout those years their innovations have paved the way for new and better ways to use guides. So much so that guides have become more than an integral part of a rod blank, they’ve become almost as one, thereby enhancing a rods performance to a level unimagined just a few years ago.

Fuji Categories

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Gold Cermet

Gold Cermet is just what the doctor ordered to spice up your custom rod. Unlike competitors that just plate their rings in gold, this solid gold ceramic ring features the durability of metal combined with the hardness of a ceramic. The combination of these two materials produces one very beautiful ring. Diamond polished at Fuji’s state of the art facilities, these guides boast the smoothest finish available in the fishing world. Fuji was also able to make Gold Cermet one of the lightest ring materials available, while maintaining a strength that beats that of competitors gold rings. Put this all together with Fuji’s exclusive Solid Titanium Frames and you get one of the strongest, most functional, and elegant guides ever made. When you want to fish in style, choose Gold Cermet!
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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide or SiC is one of the most advanced ceramics available today. It’s the hardest and most durable in Fuji’s lineup and because of this, SiC Guides are particularly well suited for braided line. They also utilize Fuji’s Diamond Polishing and boast one of the smoothest rings around. SiC rings were also the first ever to be mounted directly to the frame, thus reducing weight, increasing heat dissipation and amplifying line sensitivity. They’ll take whatever you throw through’em!
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Silicon Nitride II

Silicon Nitride II is an improved version of the original ring, making it a perfect ceramic guide for heavy duty rods. It was designed for use as ball bearings in jet engines, because of its tremendous hardness factor and high wear resistance. If it can handle the heat and friction of a jet engine, just imagine how well it will perform under the toughest fishing conditions. And if there ever was a ring built for wire line, this is it. Silicon Nitride has the strength and durability needed to tackle any kind of saltwater fishing.
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Fuji’s engineers thought long and hard on how to make a guide lighter and stronger yet keep the cost down. After years of research they came up with Alconite™, a special type of ceramic that offers strength, lightness, and durability. In fact Alconite™ offers 80% greater compression strength and is 20% lighter than Aluminum Oxide. Also, through Fuji’s Diamond Polishing, Alconite boasts a finish that is smoother than that of Hardloy. Fuji engineers were also able to make Alconite™ the thinnest and lightest ceramic ring available today; even 7% lighter than standard SiC Rings! When combined with the lightweight Concept frame the results are unparalleled ... 35% lighter and up to 50% stronger than ordinary guides.
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Hardloy has offered anglers a reliable, cost effective and high performance solution for many years. Hardloy is made of a special blend of high grade Aluminum Oxide. This blend produces a much higher compression strength and makes Hardloy much more durable, lighter weight and greater heat dissipation. All of these factors combine to make Hardloy an excellent choice for the avid angler.
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Aluminum Oxide

The innovative idea of using ceramics as a fishing guide started some 40 years ago with the introduction of Aluminum Oxide, also known as the Hard Ring guide. With this new material, Fuji started a revolution in guide development that has been a mainstay for rod builders and fisherman over all these years. All Aluminum Oxide rings are diamond polished to an ultra-smooth finish and come in a variety of frame styles and finishes.
Fuji Concept


The unique Concept system ensures many advantages over other guide layouts - including greater sensitivity and improved castability, accuracy, weight balance and overall rod power.
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Micro Guides & Tops

Micro Guides are on the horizon and coming fast... for some very good reasons:
  • SENSITIVITY from the line (i.e. strikes or soft pick-ups) is transferred into the rod blank in more places.
  • CASTABILITY increases with better line alignment along the rod and more line control for increased distance.
  • BALANCE improves by reducing the overall weight up to 80% over standard components which lessens strain and fatigue.
  • PERFORMANCE is enhanced because the Single-Foot design won't stiffen rod, even with more guides.
  • HOOKING POWER increases because Micro Guides transfer more hook set energy directly to the line.
LSG thumbnail

Fly Guides & Tops

Through the rigorous efforts of Fuji's engineers, they have managed to make a ring guide that is just as light as any snake guide, but with out the worries of grooving and corrosion. Once you try these guides you'll see why so many fly fishermen are switching from their traditional snake guides to Fuji's high performance Concept Guides™.
YSG thumbnail

Single Foot Guides

Single-foot guides for spinning rods, available in a multitude of ring options and frame finishes.
TKWSG thumbnail

Spin/Cast Guides & Tops

Spinning and Casting guides & tops in a variety of frame finishes and insert rings.
BHBNG thumbnail

Boat Guides & Tops

Heavy duty guides & tops suited to offshore applications.
LCSG (Gunsmoke) thumbnail

Surf Guides & Tops

Whether you cast from the beach, pier or jetty, these are the guides you want on your rod.

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